Ushio's Ultraline™ Titan™
This 18,000 hour MR16 lamp lasts 3 to 4½ times longer than the standard MR16; a great maintenance saver
Photo courtesy of Ushio
Mindspring's Marrakesh Modulo
A modular LED lighting system for a variety of forms and applications
Photo courtesy of Mindspring
Gotham's Candeo LED
A recessed dual reflector downlighting system that combines multi-colour dynamic LED effects with CFL general illumination
Lightolier's Tangent Line Voltage Track
At 1/3 the size of a standard track, measuring 3/4" tall by 3/8" wide, Tangent is a small and versatile line voltage track lighting system
Photo courtesy of Lightolier
Nora’s Lighting Rail for low watt Metal Halide
Rail mounted luminaires for 20W MR16 Metal Halide lamps




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Newsletter - April 2009



New Products seen at Lightfair 2007, New York City

There were many interesting, innovative, and unique
products that were seen at Lightfair 2007 in New York
City. Here are examples of products that take lighting design, technology, or application one step forward.

Disclaimer - Gottesman Associates is not affiliated with any suppliers to the
lighting industry nor is this article meant to endorse any such product.
Photo courtesy of Gotham Photo courtesy of Gotham Photo courtesy of Nora Lighting Photo courtesy of Nora Lighting Photo courtesy of Nora Lighting