The value of a lighting designer

Your space is about vision, design, colour, image and emotion. But it's also about visibility, technology, codes, schedules and budgets! At Gottesman Associates, we balance all facets of light to reflect your lighting priorities.

From the rhythmic, curved sweep of Toronto's historic landmark Roundhouse to the groundbreaking Net Zero Carbon OAA Headquarters Retrofit, to our custom design of dazzling chandeliers, we deliver on our clients' vision.

How you benefit

Your best interest in mind. We are independent consultants who provide expertise and experience. Designs and products are tailored to each project.

Cost control and diligent project management save you money. We help clients establish and achieve their lighting budgets and develop cost-effective solutions.

Technology is controlled. We incorporate best practices and optimize the use of technology to create the highest quality specifications.

Your brand and image are reinforced. We understand the human factors of visibility and how lighting applications make us feel. Each space is considered in context, creating a memorable experience.

Accountability, consistently, throughout the project lifecycle. We ensure our clients' expectations are exceeded, across all facets of light.

Award Winning Designs. You invest your time, effort, and money in your properties. We ensure that they are seen in the best light. See our projects for yourself!

Inquire to realize all facets of your lighting